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BioXcel Advantage



The PharmGPS® proprietary cloud-based pharma big data analytics platform, structures disparate data to meta-data and applies multivariate frameworks revolutionizing decision making to address unmet medical needs. The platform creates robust portfolios with efficacious blockbusters using the following suites: Major Therapeutic Areas; Oncology & Immuno-oncology; Orphan Diseases & Repurposing and Reformulation

Integrated Center of Xcellence

Integrated Center of Xcellence houses a diverse cross functional team of medical, clinical, commercial, scientific, IP and technology experts who boast 1 million+ man-hours of analytics experience and ensure that our partners stay abreast of the latest developments and are able to innovate in an evolving healthcare environment.


Deep Domain Experience encompasses 100+ years of cumulative drug discovery, development and management experience in over 100+ indications.