BioXcel’s partnerships are focused on the discovery and ideation of innovative drug candidates with a risk mitigated profile and improved probability of clinical and commercial success. Our partnerships are focused on de-novo drug discovery, drug re-innovation, asset rescue, indication expansion, life-cycle management, and product reformulation opportunities.
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PharmGPS® decision genius currently encompasses a knowledge universe of more than 8,000 clinical and preclinical pipeline candidates including marketed drugs and key discontinued programs across 60 disease indications. Our partners and clients can access PharmGPS® via subscription to augment decisions from innovation to commercialization.
Evolvere Enabled Services and Partnerships
Evolvere enabled services or partnerships, augment R&D decisions to enhance probability of clinical success. Such services or partnerships are focused on developing innovative drug pipelines and encompass drug/therapeutic modality alignment to diseases, life-cycle management, drug repurposing, drug rescue, product reformulation and de-novo discovery.

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